Thursday, August 2, 2012

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Hi guys ! It helps you manage of the contracts with vendors effectively AssetExplorer different. This amount and warnings check the expiration date and renewal. asset management tool for this detailed reports such as these contracts by up to spend and vendors based on contracts negotiated by the contracts, and helps you make informed decisions of asset management.

Create and associate contracts to any entity
AssetExplorer If the contract vendor, model building and by date of purchase, or helps to associate more than one entity. This, under a single contract helps to combine IT and Non-IT assets.Different renewal dates, duration, and conditions can be difficult to manage with the different contracts. Reminders notify you when the contract renewal dates, and helps prevent unwanted penalties.

Connect the terms and conditions - asset management tool connection with the contract terms and conditions related to AssetExplorer important for you to help. If you need a quick reference when you or control you do not have to scroll down the pages of legal contractsPurchase Order Management Helps you manage POs with approvals AssetExplorer purchasing system offers a complete. GL Law, and this information helps to define the cost center for the assets.

To define, create and approving POs
Cycle routes PO Purchase order flow. Who needs to approve the items as necessary, identify with the PO Create and PO.Based on the PO, the approver can approve or reject a PO. Approved vendor for the manufacturer to make sure that the items shipped are sent to the correct address.Asset management tool are then captured PO invoice details, and a state "invoice received" cont..This received, these details can be included in the purchase order and can be turned off by this asset tool of by asset management this history...


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